Monday, November 21, 2011

Manic Catch-Up Monday--What I Missed Last Week Part 2!

We had two strong contenders for Comic Book Quote Of The Week last week.

First up, from Fail Itself: The Failless #3:

Hey, don't look at me, Valkyrie--I didn't plot the damned comic book you're in. Take it up with Matt Fraction, Christopher Yost and Cullen Bunn. (Of course, Bunn did the script, so maybe this is his way of critiquing the plot that Fraction handed him. Too bad it's Manic Monday and not Self-Awareness Saturday!)

Next up: Lex Luthor wannabe Simon Tycho in Supergirl #3:

Wow. Not only a brilliant quote in its own right, but how can it help but put you in mind of this (just sing "Brain" whenever he says "Clown"):

So who wins? You decide!! Vote in the comments!! Or not. Whatever.

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