Monday, September 20, 2010

Manic Monday--Suprise Crossover!!

And then there was that time that Red Hulk guest-starred on Battlestar Galactica:

It was such a big deal, it was even a 2-parter:

OK, OK, it wasn't Red Hulk (although, the idea of a monstrous Thunderbolt Ross taking on Commander Adama and crew is intriguing, in a fanfic sort of way).

But the beauty part? This wasn't even a Battlestar: Galactica story--at least not originally! Marvel's Tarzan book had been cancelled a few months earlier, and according to GCD, one of the scripts they had intended to use for Lord Greystoke "was reworked into a Battlestar Galactica story when Marvel's Tarzan title was cancelled."

So, really, it was a Tarzan/Battlestar: Galactica crossover. Who the hell needs fanfic??

Maybe Marvel has some leftover ROM scripts laying around that they could make into, oh, I don't know, a Stephen King comic book...

Marvel's Battlestar: Galactica #17 & #18 were from 1980, with covers by Bill
Sienkiewicz and Michael Golden, respectively; written by Walt Simonson (plot) and Steven Grant (plot & script), drawn by Simonson & Klaus Janson (#17) & Sal Buscema and Janson (#18). Whew.


Siskoid said...

Great creative team!

They can make any script work for any series!

Perplexio said...

Greystoke vs. Starbuck... now that would have been one killer celebrity death match!

What's next, Groo vs. Megatron?


Red Hulk guest-starred on Battlestar Galactica:which wasn't ofcourse,was a low for an otherwise good series-better than the one on ABC at the time