Monday, September 13, 2010

Manic Monday--Size Matters

On Saturday we dealt--or rather didn't deal with--a sensitive issue in the difference between Kryptonian physiology and that of humans.

Well, it's time to look at the British perspective on such matters, albeit obliquely.

We start when 2 farmers are having a violent quarrel over who can grow the largest marrows (that's a type of squash):

They continue to battle, and the innuendo flies:

Sadly, Marvelman breaks up their fight. But somewhere far away, someone is pretty cheesed off by all the ruckus:


You know, the more Marvelman reprints I read, the more I'm convinced that "Mick Anglo" is really Bob Burden with a time machine...

Anyway, the Marvelman Family routs the vegetable army...

But then the stupid farmers start squabbling again over the size of their "marrows."

Well, Marvelman solves the crisis as only Marvelman can. Because, as Otter said to Dean Wormer's wife...

"Mine's bigger!"


All I'm saying is, there must have been some serious drugs floating around England in the 1950s...and some seriously giant marrows.

Bob Burden wishes he could make his Flaming Carrot stories were 1/20th as bizarre as "Marvelman Family And The Giant Marrow" from Marvelman Family #3 (1957), as reprinted in Marvelman Family's Finest #1 (2010).


Anonymous said...

I grow a good-sized watermelon myself, folks. Just sayin . . .

- Lawrence
Mr. Digressius

Will Dockery said...

This is Don Lawrence art, I think... have to say I'm becoming quite fond of his work, and Norman Light's as well, in Marvelman.

snell said...

You are correct about Don Lawrence, sir.