Thursday, June 26, 2008

BEM Makes the Scene

From World's Finest #166, 1967 (please forgive the wretched condition):

As relevant today as it was 41 years agoThis is really important, so here's some close-ups:

Why the Professor never scored with Ginger or Mary Ann
I think that E stands for ecstacy...
Uh, shouldn't the moral be BEM rejects her for because demanding perfection is kinda wrong?
Damned commies...Lessons to be learned from this:

A) In the 60's, dating tips were considered a "public service."

B) "BEM Shows Up!" is kind of, well, lazy, isn't it? All he has to do is show up??

C) Dude, if you're not a perfect blend of brains, emotion and muscle, don't even try. Get used to being alone.

D) Girls are ultra-picky, but guys will take anything in a skirt (unless, of course, someone can find me another riff from the National Social Welfare Assembly where a fussy guy rejects 3 different women until they merge into one).

E) BEM is clearly a Carrgite.

F) Uhhh, I'm not sure, but is this cartoon implicitly condoning group sex?? Think about it, won't you?

Who said DC comics didn't swing in the 60's, baby??

Thank you, National Social Welfare Assembly, for making us love again...

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allendl181 said...

Yeah, this one is a head scratcher. So it was a public service to tell boys they had to be smart, emotional AND strong to get a woman, without offering any tips whatsoever on how to actually be those things if you already weren't smart, emotional or strong?? And yeah, what would the female counterpart be, Demure, Gorgeous, and a Good Cook?