Saturday, June 21, 2008

Comics I Wish I Had--House of Mystery #149

Another comic I really, really need to find--House of Mystery #149, 1969:

12 Angry BugsNot just for that great cover, which elicits from me the following comments:

A)Too bad they won't be doing this cover story in the current House of Mystery...or will they??

B) I really want to see the insect Johnny Cochrane!!

C) I think I saw that one on a Law & Order once...

No, the reason I really, really need to read this issue is that the J'onn J'onzz story in it is titled, "The Man-Thing That Unearthed Secrets."

That title is so perfect on so many levels, my head is throbbing with joy.

The Man-Thing That Unearthed Secrets...geez, that is so cool...

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De said...

Those old House of Mystery and House of Secrets (along with Strange Adventures) were all pretty much interchangeable but boy did they have a ton of goofy story gags on the covers!

Where else but the Silver Age can you find gems like these on the covers?

* "The Man Who Hated His Hair!" (House of Secrets #5)
* "The Fantastic Typewriter!" (House of Secrets #18)
* "I Was the Seeing-Eye Man!" (House of Mystery #104)