Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Night Fights--Squisssshh Style!!

So what do you do, when the nefarious Mr. Mind... nestled in your evil dad's brain, and threatening to take over the multiverse??

First, you zap the hell out of him...

Futuristic earwax treatment...then you accidently blow off your dad's ear (oops)...

Ear's looking at you...sorry, sorry...then when Wormy tries to make his escape...

Inch worm, inch have your dead best friend put his foot down!!

Don't tread on me
Matter over Mind!!Oh, don't woory, kiddies...Mr. Mind just tranferred his intellect into one of his thousands of "children"...probably.

Bahlactus eats punks like Mr. Mind for breakfast every morning...Mmm, mmm squisssshhy!!

Bug-killin' from Booster Gold #10.

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