Monday, June 2, 2008

Manic Monday Bonus--Geography Lesson 2

From the intro page to Immortal Iron Fist #15:

For the 'Perfect Strategy Mind,' he makes an awful lot of mistakes in this storyLet's look at that subtitle again:

A tiger? In Africa??Memo to Matt Fraction: Usually, the phrase "Dark Continent" refers to Africa, not Asia. And as 100% of this story takes place in Asia (China, India, Burma, and K'un-L'un on Earth), I'm not quite sure the title actually is, you know, accurate.

Unless Asia is now the Dark Continent. Or unless you mean "Miraculous Travels to the Dark Continent" in the sense of searching the deep corners of the soul or some such folderol. In which case, never mind.

Great issue otherwise, though.


Siskoid said...

Yeah... I guess India could be pretty dark, in those Temple of Doom jungles there...

chris said...

Asia is the Earth-2 Dark Continent.

Shit, that's DC.

Anonymous said...

So, earth 617's dark continent?