Saturday, June 28, 2008

Damn It, I Was Right, Wasn't I?

A little while back I wrote a post commenting on the impending return of Barry Allen. This is part of what I had to say:
And if they want to bring back Barry Allen? I don't agree with that, but I can be one board for that without too much crying. But I fear that said resurrection, under the current regime, just means they're just going to flush away 20 years of character growth and supporting cast of Wally. He will lose his mag, lose his JLA position, lose his supporting cast, and be relegated to appearing in the Titans and an occasional Mark Waid written Brave and the Bold.

Check back in a year and tell me I was wrong.

Well, it's substantially less than a year, but let's see what Dan DiDio had to say at Wizard World Chicago this weekend:

Question from the audience: With Barry Allen back, does DC have a better plan for what to do with Barry than "what you had for Wally?"

Ethan Van Sciver: "Oh of course."

DiDio: "Wally will be around. He's part of the Titans team right now, and he'll be part of that team for the foreseeable future."
Oooh. Foreseeable future. Part of the Titans team. No mention of his own mag, or his supporting characters, or his spot in the JLA. That's reassuring.

Sure sounds like I was right, doesn't it?

Maybe Wally and Kyle Rayner can go off and form their own team, The I Used To Be A Headliner Until DC Revived the Originals and Bumped Us to Second Banana Status.

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Scott said...

Yeah, not at all overjoyed about that.

As far as I've ever been concerned, Kyle was GL, and Wally was the Flash. That's who they've been for nearly all the time I've been reading comics. Hell, I think Kyle and Wally are both better characters than Barry or Hal.

Stuff like this is a big valentine for people who idolize the Silver Age above all else, but it ain't good storytelling.