Saturday, September 1, 2007

Great Moments in DC Science

From Green Lantern #6, 1961:

Editor's note: Due to a necessary impurity in the printing process, the monster appears yellow(ish), so we'll just keep saying he's not
Hmmm....maybe it's because this is a reprint, but the monster does sort of look yellow to me. Anyhoo, it turns out there's a really good reason why Hal Jordan's ring can't effect this (apparently) non-yellow beast:

Editors note: We're makin' this shit up
Oh, where to start? It's not enough that you had to give your hero a fairly ridiculous weakness, like yellow. A color. Whatever. But apparently, that wasn't enough, and by issue #6 they were having to invent things like "infra-yellow" in order to make enemies that GL couldn't beat in 3 pages. Infra-freakin'-yellow. An entire nation of youth is drowned by scientific illiteracy.

Still, it's better than the "yellow is the color of fear" crap they've given us this decade.

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