Sunday, September 9, 2007

Final Crisis Preview--Super****

As we continue to approach the newest, latest reboot of the DC Universe, I've continued to try to put forward useful suggestions. You know, ways to improve the DC universe, and characters to revive who could add some spark and sizzle. I've already offered ideas on reviving a lost chivalrous hero of the past and restoring the ancient DC tradition of comics starring comics.

But now I have my most important suggestion...a way for DC to overcome its biggest current problem. Right now, DC isn't allowed to mention the word Superboy in any of their comics, due to difficulties. Now, this causes a lot of problems, especially since they're trying to use Superboy-Prime as a villain in the Sinestro Corps story. Not to mention that they've been running circles around themselves with "young Superman" references while trying to re-retcon the "original" Legion of Superheroes back into Superman's life.

My solution to this problem?

See, this is already better thanInfinite Crisis
Yes, that's right, Superbaby. Superboy may be verboten, but there's no lawsuit against Superbaby, the lovable adventures of Clark Kent as a Kryptonian toddler!!

Look, all of the Superbaby stories were ret-conned away post-first-Crisis. So just as we've decided to restore the "Clark Kent went to the future and hung with the Legion" stories to the canon, well, we can (and should!) do the same with all of the Superbaby stories.

Besides, who doesn't love stories with super-powered, grammatically deficient toddlers?
This am make me happy!
C'mon, DC, this will work....

Bonus Freudian panel of the day:

I've had this dream so often...
All images from Superboy #130. Go ahead....sue me.


Ted Bramble said...

oh lordy

Mark Engblom said...

LOL! Great stuff! I've been watching the Superboy "blackout" with great interest (and amusement), as DC continues to tie itself into pretzels over this ridiculous legal mess.

Maybe they could take a page from the Legion lexicon and call him "Super Lad" for the time being.

Then again...maybe not.

snell said...

Well, we shouldn't ne too harsh on DC for this, as its not the fault of anybody there currently that they're being sued. They're just following lawyers' advice.

I do, however, relish the irony that, after 20 years of denying Superboy, when they finally want to use him again they get sued.