Sunday, August 19, 2007

Final Crisis Preview--The Gay Ghost

As we approach the 1/3 point in the excruciatingly slow and pointless Countdown, it's time to look to the future: The Final Crisis.

Really. They promise. No more crises after this one. Zero Hour II, maybe...but no more crises.

Anyhoo, they're obviously going to give us another retroactive reality reboot.

And why not? After all, it's been almost 4 months since the "stunning" revelation that the multiverse was reborn, and no one has done a single interesting thing with it. Not one. I mean, Duella Dent is the best they can do? A bunch of Monitors sitting around debating in a back-up feature? "Flash of Two Worlds" this ain't.

Wasn't he the one with the Super-Apes?
Anyway, I'm digressing again. My point is, since DC is planning still another reboot (SPOILER ALERT: Hawkman, Donna Troy, and the Legion still won't make any sense, no matter what they do...just let it go, guys), it's time to start putting our two cents in as to who they should revive. If we're going to hit the reset switch, let's make sure they bring make the characters they need to.

Like the Gay Ghost.

I mean, if the new new new new DC Universe doesn't have room for a swashbuckling Earl who fights crime, I don't want any part of it.

Maybe the costume needs a bit of work. But the origin? The nobility? The supernatural elements, combined with the "fish out of water" element of a man fighting crime 200 years after his death? What's not to love? Bonus: he's Batman-approved.*

And why should Rawhide Kid get all the glory??

*Panel from Brave and the Bold #116, in a back-up feature where Batman introduces us to "Heroes Who Wouldn't Die," folks who've come back from the dead to fight crime. Surprisingly, no mention is made of Hal Jordan, Donna Troy, or Supergirl.


alon_sil said... that reeboot would not be good. Now there have been tons of crazy super hero comeback such as the one of the original red tornado and detective chimp but for some STRANGE reason this hero didn't have one.
But maybe it has to do with him haveing the name the GAY ghost!
But whith this Batwoman they have now anything can happen and actualy DC might like to bring him back. So I think you should be realy realy GAY about that woudn't you?


Gay Ghost-if comics wants to make somebody ''gay''-unless he was a wife and kids,try him.oh,that won't make the news.shit