Friday, July 13, 2018

The Day Doom Won!!

We all remember the day Doctor Doom conquered the world, right? Right?

Seriously? You don't remember that?

Well it went a little something like this...

See, Doom won!!

Well, that was a fun post. Now to...

What? You want an explanation?!?

Sigh, you youngsters.

Fortunately, someone chose this very minute to burst into Castle Doom:

Well, the book IS called Super-Villain Team-Up, after all!

But Doom doesn't need your stinkin' help!


Yup. We were all Doom's slaves that day.

But Doom is not satisfied, because as he monologued above, it was all too easy. So, he proposes a contest!

Dude, you roofied Magneto!!

OK, it was the cure, too, so I guess it's OK.

Maggy takes the logical first step of going to the Avengers for help...

...they don't believe him--because who could ever believe that magneto would become a good guy? (cough. cough).

But after some pointless fisticuffs (the best kind), they agree to listen:

But they don't believe...


OK, so that didn't go well.

Well, magneto chooses a) the guy he knows, and b) the guy with connections to other teams.

And after some highly improbable science...

Well, the Beast is on board. But it turns out... one is home!!

So they fly all the way out to the west coast, where some of Hank's old buddies have joined a new team:

Well, more pointless fisticuffs ensue, and Doom doesn't even need to assert control over the heroes, because everyone knows that Magneto could never, ever be a good guy! (cough. cough.)

Until we get a radio broadcast:

And it turns out...

...that even Jimmy Carter can't resist Doom!!

Damn, Doom, you're soooo picky.

Anyway, the Champions followed Magneto and Hank to DC, and Doom asserts control...

Except one of the Champions is apparently immune to the gas:

So...the Vision was vulnerable, but Ghost Rider wasn't? Magic, I guess...?

Maggy decides to go mano a mano with Von Doom...

...until Beast and Ghost Rider settle the match!


Oh, yeah, Hulk showed up, too.

Anyway, yeah, with Doom a victim of his own gas, he can't control anyone anymore. No, I'm not sure how that works, either.

Magneto wins...

...but when he leaves...

Hank forgets everything that happened...because the gas wipes his memory? Wait, does this even begin to make sense?

Well, I guess it's because everyone still has to obey Doom, but now Doom has to obey himself, and it all gets very dazed and confused:

So...OK, that still makes no sense.

Still, that was the 70s, man...Victor Von Doom took over the world, and no one remembers--not even him!!

From Super-Villain Team-Up #14 & Champions #16 (1977)


George Chambers said...

So Doom had an antidote to his mind-control gas, but he never bothered to immunise himself against it? And Ghost Rider was immune, since he doesn't breathe, but the Vision (android; doesn't need to breathe) and Wonder Man (ionic energy construct, doesn't need to breathe) weren't? Or maybe Ghost Rider's flames burned up the mind-control gas before he could breathe it?

My head hurts.

snell said...

I might speculate that Ghost Rider's supernatural nature made him immune, but that's probably more thought than the story is worth...

Brian said...

I speculate that all the confusion of the modern Marvel Universe is due to the Neural Gas still floating around the atmosphere, and all those pesky retcons and No Prize-worthy errors are due to it wiping bits of folks’ memories on occasion. Doom, of course, has no memory any longer of all of this.