Monday, July 2, 2018

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--What Villains Did Before LegalZoom Existed!!

Let's say that you're Paste-Pot Pete, and are desperately in need of some legal advice. What do you do?

Why, burst through a lawyer's window and start spraying paste everywhere!!

But he has a serious legal question.

Now, there's all kinds of obvious flaws here: of course you can be convicted even if they can't find the body; getting representation through a threat voids any attorney/client privilege so you just confessed; and anyway telling your lawyer about a future crime you intend to commit isn't protected either.

But don't worry, it was all a feint by the Trapster, anyway:

See, he just wanted to lure Daredevil out!!

Oh, you're wondering how he planned to kill Daredevil without leaving a corpse behind?

Well, you had to borrow the Wizard's tech to make it work, Pete, so maybe don't crow to loudly.

Plus, big surprise, Daredevil gets out of it:

The Trapster--always a loser.

From Daredevil #35 (1967)


Bill said...

Poor old Pete, you almost feel sorry for him... almost.

George Chambers said...

Can't help thinking Matt blew an opportunity there. He should have kept one or two of those discs for those future times when he gets thrown off tall buildings!