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Dial E Fort Eternity--An Actual Super-Villain!!

Kid and Keeper are walkin' along, minding their own business...

Well, "lived to be so old" might be the wrong term, Kid.

But you'd better trust those itchy feet!! seriously thought you could stop a truck with your bare hands?

Alfred Nobel?!?!?

I'm not sure how to feel here. Nobel felt so badly about the legacy of dynamite that he gave 94% of his estate to create the Nobel Prizes and other philanthropic endeavors. So maybe this isn't the most accurate depiction of the guy?

But on the other hand, we have the image of Alfred Nobel running down the street throwing dynamite at trucks!!

Anyway, he straight up murdered those crooks, except for...

Was everyone back in the day paid in cash, or what? Seriously, how many Batman/Kid Eternity/Whoever stories have I read where crooks try to steal the payroll? Even Joker/Red Hood was trying to rob the Ace Playing Card Company's payroll!! Maybe it's an artifact of an earlier an adult, I've never been paid in cash, always by check/direct deposit...

Anyway, Kid's prediction for Marton proves true:

Oh, but his gang has other plans!

And, apparently, anyone can just stroll into a prison, posing as a repairman, and tinker with the apparatus of death!

But you know what? When you're dealing with officials of Eternity, well, they know when you're actually dead...

Again, Keeper's itchy feet are right. Because in the morgue...

And when Marton's goons try to pick him up...

Two dead, so far. And that's before Marton even wakes up!!

And so, we have a full-fledged, honest-to-gosh, super-powered super-villain!! And yeah, it's a goofy origin, but no goofier than Electro's, right?

The surviving goon has gone mad, but he still sets Kid on the right path:

Rin-Tin-Tin!! This is his second summoning, which puts him well ahead of plenty of humans!!

Meanwhile, Marton looks up his former moll:

If you haven't noticed by now, this story has quite the body count.

Kid and the dog show up, but...


Well, OK, since he was already dead, it's not that big a setback...

Meanwhile, Marton goes back to the scene of the first crime, for those juicy payroll dollars!!

Like I said...body count.

Marton I mean Lightning Man has gone full-on Marvel villain!

So how can Kid take down a super-powered maniac?

Benjamin Franklin!!

Reminder: You don't f%^& with Ben Franklin!!

And so we end...

Alfred Nobel taking out crooks by hurling dynamite? Ben Franklin taken down actual super-villains?? Rin-Tin-Tin??! BEST STORY EVER!!

Indeed, it was the 42nd Kid Eternity story, and our roll call currently is...

Abu 1
Achilles 4
Antony, Marc 2
Aramis 1
Arnold, Benedict 1
Arthur, King 2
Astor, John Jacob 1
Athos 1
Atlas 3
Attila The Hun 1
Attucks, Crispin 1
Baker, Lafayette 1
Barry's father 1
Barton, Clara 1
Bernhardt, Sarah 1
Bertillon, Alphonse 1
Blackhawk 1
Bluebeard 1
Bolivar, Simon 1
Boone, Daniel 1
Boyd, Belle 1
Brady, Diamond Jim 1
Breitbart, Zishe 1
Bucephalus 1
Bunyan, Paul 2
Byron, George Gordon 2
Caesar, Octavian 1
Cagliostro, Alessandro 1
Calhoun, John C. 1
Canary, Martha “Calamity” 1
Cannon, John W. 1
Capulet, Juliet 1
Carden, Foster 1
Carpenter, Daniel 1
Cherry Sisters 1
Clancy, Patrick 1
Cleopatra 1
Cody, “Buffalo” Bill 2
Colt, Samuel 1
Columbus, Christopher 2
Corbett, Jim 3
Crockett, Davy 1
Cronson, Gerald 1
Crusoe, Robinson 1
Custer, George Armstrong 1
D'artagnan 2
de Bergerac, Cyrano 1
de Leon, Ponce 1
de Rais, Gilles 1
Decatur, Stephen 1
Discus Thrower 1
Dockstader, Lew 1
Dracula 1
Drake, Sir Francis 1
Dupin, C. Auguste 1
Edison, Thomas 1
Emery 1
Ericson, Leif 2
Frankenstein's Monster 1
Franklin, Ben 1
Galahad 1
Gotch, Frank 1
Gothicus, Claudius 1
Grant, Ulysses S. 1
Greb, Harry 1
Griffiths, Albert 1
Hamilton, Alexander 1
Hatfield, John 1
Hauser, Kaspar 1
Henry, Patrick 1
Hercules 2
Hermann, Alexander 1
Hickathrift, Tom 1
Hickok, Wild Bill 1
Hippocrates 1
Holmes, Sherlock 2
Hopkins, Matthew 1
Houdini 2
Houston, Sam 1
Hyde, Edward 1
Hyer, Tom 1
Jackson, Andrew 1
James, Jesse 1
Javert 1
Jeffries, Jim 1
Jones, John Paul 1
Jove 1
Khan, Genghis 1
Kidd, William 1
Lafayette, General 1
Lancelot 1
Laughing Cavalier 1
Leander 3
Lee, Robert E. 1
Legree, Simon 1
Leonidas 1
Lincoln, Abraham 1
Lister, Joseph 2
Marable, Fate 1
Masterson, Bat 1
Mercury 4
Milo Of Croton 2
Minutemen 1
Mix, Tom 1
Montague, Romeo 1
Montezuma 1
Morgan, Henry 1
Mulgrew, Jason 1
Murphy, Charles 1
Napoleon 1
Nation, Carrie 1
Nightingale, Florence 1
Noah 1
Nobel, Alfred 1
Nobody 1
Nostradamus 1
O'Brien, David 1
Oakley, Annie 1
Og 1
Osceola 1
Paddock, Charley 1
Penelope 1
Pheidippides 1
Pinkerton, Allan 1
Plastic Man 1
Porthos 2
Post, Wiley 1
Prometheus 1
Quixote, Don 1
Revere, Paul 1
Richard the LionHeart 1
Rin-Tin-Tin 2
Robespierre, Maximilien 1
Robin Hood 2
Rogers' Rangers 1
Russell, Lillian 1
Rustum 1
Ryan, Paddy 1
Samson 2
Sandow, Eugen 1
Sayers, Tom 1
Schleyer, Johann 1
Siegfried 1
Silver, Long John 1
Skunk, Jimmy 1
Socrates 1
Solomon 1
Sullivan, John L. 2
Tecumseh 1
Tell, William 1
Thalfi 1
Thor 1
Thumb, Tom 1
Thurston, Howard 1
Tiglath IV 1
Tuck, Friar 1
Tut-ankh-amen 1
Twain, Mark 1
Ulysses 1
Uncas 1
Vercingetorix 1
Villa, Pancho 1
Vulcan 1
Washington, George 2
Webster, Daniel 2
Xanthippe 1
Zbyzko, Stanislaus 1

NEXT--How many people can Kid summon at once? More than you think...

From Kid Eternity #7 (1947)

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George Chambers said...

I'm old enough to remember being paid in cash. You'd get a pay packet - a sealed envelope containing cash. I kind of miss it.