Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Bold Fashion Choices--The Colorful Gangs Of Golden Age Gotham!!

There was one distinguishing trait of the gangsters Alan Scott faced: an unerring sense of style!


Why are they called the Checker Mob?

Thank you, helpful editorial note!!

And their arch-rivals?

The Crime Syndicate, who all dress for the opera, and are "a super-organization of super crooks specializing in elegant crimes elegantly conceived and executed."

Good God, if I were in charge of DC, I'd give these guys their own book tomorrow.

I'd also do a story where Green Lantern set up a fake fashion show and had Doiby pose as a fashion big wig who challenged the gangs to show off their style with the winner getting to rule Gotham (but of course, it was really a trap) and we'd meet the other gangs: The Beau Brummels?!? The Zoot Suits?

This is why I'm not allowed to write comics. Even Golden Age comics.

From Comic Cavalcade #10 (1945)

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Anonymous said...

How about a gang called "The Top Hatters" that stole diamonds and hid them in their hats?