Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Really Should be An Olympic Sport!!

Gravitron has brought his little chunk of Canada to the big city!!

Man, everybody wants to make it in Manhattan! What's wrong with ruling Canada, bro?

Anyway, in one of the saddest variations of "I have a girlfriend, but she's in Canada," well, Frank's Canadian scientist crush really exists, and kills herself rather than be forced to be Graviton's queen. Oops!

Uh, don't do that, Frank...

Get ready, ladies, for the Great 1977 Marvel Beefcake Show!

Oh, dear...

Hurray!! Do it again!! Do it again!

Now, I fear that some of your primitive post-1970s minds are whining "physics" or "tidal waves" or the like.

The Bullpen has you covered, friend:

Still, Namor could have been pretty pissed...

From Avengers #159 (1977). Letter from Avengers #163 (1977)


SallyP said...

Seriously... when is Namor NOT in a tizzy?

Anonymous said...

That time he was decapitated last year?