Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Future Mrs. Richie Rich?

In 1989, Veronica Lodge finally got her own solo series:

For the first 2 1/2 years, Veronica's solo adventures consisted of her going around the world, with various countries and cities called out in the title (take that, U.S.Avengers!).

Why, she even went to...

 Dammit, Siskoid, you missed your chance!!

Eventually, though, the idea ran out of steam. But rather than just return her to normal teen hi jinks and romantic triangles, the covers decided to play up the fact that Veronica was kinda wealthy:

Yup, it was all ostentatious display of wealth, all the time, is a series of covers that often seemed like they might well have been cut and paste from Richie Rich comics:

For a while, she even had the cover slogan "The Whimsical Rich Girl," which sounds like a good much for the "Poor Little Rich Boy."

Yup, it was all coins, and bills, and dollar signs for Miss Lodge...

Oh, and credit cards, too:

And even more displays of 1% privilege:

Eventually they calmed down, and got back to the more traditional cover fare of dating and fashion and boys and gags, until they finally found Veronica's one true calling:


Sadly, I'm willing to bet we never see Powerteen on Riverdale...

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