Monday, February 20, 2017

Manic Monday Bonus--How Sideshow Bob Became A Super-Villain!!

Warning--This tale may abuse your childhood of Simpsons memories. Just sayin.'

Jonathon Powers--the original Jester, has an origin he's eager to share with you:

Well, NYC is a tough nut to crack, And Powell ends up working for some kiddie show...

Until Sideshow Bob Powell can no longer take no longer taker it, ...and...

And so is born the Jester.

I always liked the Jester--sure, he does mundane crime, but you all know I have no problem with that. Plus, he used good gimmicks, and was a master of planning--he'd rather walk away than nothing than win with a substandard effort.

BONUS--he got steered to all sorts of "political" and "social media" crimes, fairly prescient for the era). He was hired to discredit Foggy in his District Attorney race! He faked his own death on live TV--so he could frame Daredevil for it! He invents CGI to ruin another of Foggy's campaigns! He tried to use his trickeration to drive Matt mad!!

So, for Civil War II, they trow him a cell for pre-crime, because that's so much more an interesting us of the character...sigh...

Jester's origin from Daredevil #42 (1968)

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