Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Best Cover You've Seen: Brave And The Bold #197 (1973)

OK, OK, you almost certainly have seen it before...

But three reasons to run this today:

A) Still in low content mode, as my recovery had a minor setback, and my phone bricked, and life sucks.

B) It is one hell of a piece of perfection, isn't it? The woman in fishnets parachuting into the desert behind Batman, Batman with his-oh-so-clever masterplan and he's so brilliant except he doesn't realize that there's a gun pointed right at his crotch. Jim Aparo at his absolute best!

C) The story is brought to mind the the recently published Batman in The Brave & The Bold: The Bronze Age Omnibus (Batman: the Brave and the Bold - the Bronze Age).

I don't know what the deal is. but even though it's a $125 list, Amazon has been selling this guy for $46.39?!? That's a whole lot of quality DC comics there, guys.

Have a nice day. I'll try to be productive tomorrow.

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