Sunday, February 12, 2017

Does Whatever A Bulletdog Does...


I like the fact they actually have a dog saying "BOW WOW!"

Ah, but there's bad guys in those hills!

Now, this was a Summer 1946 issue--and we're still doing Nazi saboteur stories? Ah, but people were concerned back in the day about sleeper cells and the like. Plus, really, who wants to give up Nazis as villains? (Plus, I suspect that a lotta of companies have a lot of inventory stories to burn off)

Oh, yeah--Nazis are fucking bastards!!

Fortunately, vacationing nearby are...

Wait... Bulletdog? I seriously never knew that there was a Bulletdog. How could I not have know that?
Yup, they just gave him an anti-gravity collar, not the secret "crime cure" that made them smarter and faster. Hey, he's a dog--what does he know?

Now Bulletman and Bulletgirl battle the Nazis...

...while Bulletdog protects the dogs!!

Ah, but the humans got away, and the lead saboteur--Agent K-9--has more plans involving dogs:

Seriously, dude.

Well, BM, BG and BD foil this little plot, and capture all of the Nazis except for K-9 himself.

And he's not finished with his canine-based sabotage!

Live-fire exercises--always a good idea!

Especially since...

The good guys catch him...but it is too late?

And so ends another adventure of Bulletman, Bulletgirl...and Bulletdog??

Help end the scrap--in 1946?!?

From Bulletman #15 (1945)


SallyP said...

Oh, is there no limit to Nazi perfidy?

Smurfswacker said...

I see the spies brought their steins with them so they can quaff their Bier in style.