Monday, February 6, 2017

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Why You Should Never, Ever Keep A Diary!

It's the year 11,960 (!), and the evil Xotar has discovered a very important artifact:

Oh, good job, Diana!! Write down all of the JLA's secrets for some villain to find. Who are you, Batman?

Anyway, an inspired Xotar goes back in time 10,000 years. But stunningly, the Justice League kicks his hinder.

Well...a) maybe you should have looked at some actual history books to see the the JLA hadn't actually been defeated; and b) maybe you should have tried to figure out what was in the illegible parts of the entry:

So, in summary: Diana foolish. Xotar stupid.

Don't keep diaries, super-heroes.

From The Brave And The Bold #29 (1960)


George Chambers said...

It could have been worse - Xotar might have found Diana's slash fanfic instead...

Jason Glor said...

Or you know, Xotar could have flipped forward a few pages and read about the adventures the JLA had after he supposedly defeated them. Also, how (and why) would Wonder Woman have written the diary if he had won?