Monday, September 19, 2011

Manic Monday--The BEST Excuse For Blantant Sexism EVER!

It's long been a tradition in our ridiculous fictions that billionaires and evil masterminds and rap stars will make their female minions dress up in the most impractical, most ridiculous costumes possible. No excuses, no rationale--just an excuse to ogle woman flesh.

But Oscar Goldman, Steve Austin's boss and the head of the OSI? He's a humorless government bureaucrat, right? How can he justify such a practice?

Well, it turns out that the OSI has been penetrated by a spy, and...

Absolutely. Brilliant. Have a staff of nothing but scantily-clad women so you can be sure that they're not male spies!!

It's no coincidence that Oscar Goldman's initials are O.G., because he is the the original gangsta.

Which shouldn't be a surprise, because this is the cat who had the exploding briefcase:

From The Six Million Dollar Man #5 (1977)


notintheface said...

I saw him at Comic Con last year. He looked....really old.

By weird coincidence, I also met Mike Grell, who was the first name I thought of when I saw those bathing suits, there.

Gary said...

That is just . . . priceless.

Martin Gray said...

Ha, I thought Grell too.

I wonder how a saquatch would look in that thing.

shadzane said...

If the new Bionic Man comic from Dynamite does even moderately well, then Dynamite will produce many spin-offs (because that is how Dynamite rolls). I hope one of the spin-offs is a reprint of these Charlton stories...