Monday, February 8, 2010

Manic Monday Bonus--I Want My Super-Adaptoid!!

Now that Marvel is bringing back the heroic age and old school heroism, I have a humble question/request:

Where's my Super-Adaptoid?!?

Because if there's any character that sums up the brilliant daffiness of Silver Age Marvel, it's the Super-Adaptoid!! I mean, just look at him!!

It's interesting...whereas DC feels compelled to bring back Amazo to face each iteration of the Justice League (usually several times), the Super-Adaptoid has been basically absent from the Marvel Universe for well over a decade. Yeah, he turned up in deep space during Annihlation Conquest...and a couple of times this decade various groups have tried to create "new" adaptoids. But other than that you have to go back to 1998 to get a Marvel story featuring the one true Super-Adaptoid...and he hasn't faced off against the Avengers since 1988!!

So, Bendis and Marvel, if you want me to believe this Heroic Age stuff, than the New, New Avengers had best be facing my Super-Adaptoid...and soon.


Mark Engblom said...

LOVE the Super-Adaptoid...along with the rest of the power-absorbing villains! In fact, that topic was the one I'd always wanted to do over at my Comic Coverage blog, but never got around to doing. Oh, sure, I could have just knocked something out, but I wanted to do a big hoo-hah on the topic.

Of course, the Super-Adaptoid takes top honors because he not only adapted the powers of the Avengers, but aspects of their appearance as well! What better bit of visual short-hand to convince a kid reader as to what was going on?

El Gigante said...

Ummm, didn't Bendis bring back the superadaptoid in New Avengers Annual when Luke and Jessica got married?

Or was that a different version?

snell said...

That was a new Adaptoid, Gigante...Hydra placed the mind of the "other Black Widow", Yelena Belova, into the body of a brand new Adaptoid. She was beaten when she absorbed Sentry's powers...and absorbed the schizophrenia along with it, and went nuts.

googum said...

Preaching to the choir, man: the Super-Adaptoid should've got an action figure ages ago. All the damn parts are right there! A little green paint, boom, done.