Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Bet These Aliens LOVED Siege #2

In the pages of Justice League Of America #134 (1976), both the JLA and Despero are captured by some classic-Star-Trekesque aliens, who want to study these "unusual" life forms by putting them through all sorts of trials. Why? Because despite being frighteningly advanced, classic-Star-Trekesque aliens are too stupid to study minor life forms in any other way...

While watching our heroes battle Despero, our classic-Star-Trekesque aliens discover that they have an...interesting reaction to this:

So they keep randomly beaming Despero and Justice Leaguers around into odd environments and crazy fights, until...

Sick, guys. Very twisted. You'd probably enjoy this.

Fortunately, Supergirl recognizes that these are classic-Star-Trekesque aliens, and even more fortunately she has studied the Tao of James T. Kirk:

And once she whoops Despero, that helps how?

Guys, you've just been Kirked.

That's how the story ends...literally, that's it. The very next (and final) panel, the JLA are on the spaceship on the way home, no mention of how the good guys escaped, or no details on what happened with the aliens. A very Gerry Conway ending.

I'm not sure what the moral of our story was...watching violence is bad for you (in a comic filled with violent fights)? Gambling is bad (except gambling saved the JLA's butt)? Comic book fans are all depraved for liking fight scenes (ha, Geoff Johns, we beat your Superboy-Prime-as-deranged-comics-fan "satire" by 30 years!)? All frighteningly advanced aliens are really doofuses?

Oh, wait, here's the moral:

Now that's classic-Star-Trekesque. Oh, and the title of the story featuring these very classic-Star-Trekesque aliens?

Oh, Gerry...

You said it, Batman!!

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notintheface said...

I still believe that Superboy Prime is actually Geoff Johns satirizing Geoff Johns.