Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Night Fights--Edgar Winter Style!!

For this week's Friday Night Fights, we bring you a tale of terror that can only be titled:

Yes, that's right...a Nazi Frankenstein. I'm going there.

Cap and Bucky are in the Swiss alps, investigating the mysterious dealings of Doctor Basil Frankenstein. They're tearing through some Ratzis like usual:


Yup. It turns out that Basil is a descendant of that Frankenstein...and as a loyal Nazi, he's making monsters for the Third Reich. Monsters who can kick ass:

Oh, he may not want to fight, Cap...but he's still whooping on you pretty good.

And the capper?

Nazi Frankenstein who can only say "Sieg heil" might be my newest favorite thing ever. Except, of course, for Spacebooger, who always A #1.

Now get off your butts and go vote for somebody (preferably me, but hey, it's a free country) in this week's FNF, OK?

Don Glut (!), Chic Stone(!!) and Bill Black bring us the greatest fill-in story ever in Invaders #31 (1978).

Speaking of Frankenstein, I've long thought that this should be our new national anthem:

It'd be a lot cooler rocking out to this before ball games...

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