Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Lamest Death Trap Ever

Apparently, they were bored without any more Nazis to fight, because the Justice Society answered a summons to go out to Hollywood. The "czar of all Hollywood rackets" is trying to shut down production of a film that will reveal his secrets, so the producer summons the Justice Society Of America to save his movie.

And they show up. Go figure. Like I said, they must have been bored.

Anyway, it turns out that the uber-boss of Hollywood crime is Evil Star. No, not the Silver Age alien scientist who harnessed the power of the stars. This dude:

Just some studio executive who runs around in a star mask. Really, that's his whole shtick. No powers, just some movie-related tricks and some goons.

And yet, he defeats the entire JSA. All of them!! Those geezers should remember that next time they're lecturing modern heroes about how much tougher it was in their day.

And, as if that weren't embarrassing enough, Evil Star puts them into the absolute stupidest death trap ever:

A seven-armed knife throwing machine--from the movies!!--with a trigger. Oy.

No, wait, it's really a deadly situation--listen:

Fortunately, Alan Scott has a good head on his shoulders...and reckons a way out of this deadly situation:

Good thing all the members know their right from their left...

So they get away, capture the villain in a giant butterfly net (seriously), and as a reward, they get to put their footprints in cement "in front of a famous Hollywood theater."

It wasn't the government that made the JSA was ennui.

The JSA go slumming in All-Star #44 (1948), as reprinted in JLA #115 (1975)


ShadowWing Tronix said...

So Evil Star uses Electro's mask maker?

Mark Engblom said...

LOL! Green Lantern seems to have conveniently forgotten he could probably whip up a protective barrier with the Green Flame, despite the fact his ring was behind his chair.

Plus, I wasn't aware theatre seating wasn't bolted down! The hell?

snell said...

In fairness, I think the odd angle the artist chose makes it confusing...I don't think they actually moved the seats, they just all leaned to the right so the knives hit now-empty spots on the chairs. Which actually makes it an even lamer death-trap...