Monday, January 7, 2008

Some Answers (Maybe and Sort Of)

Perhaps realizing that no one knows WTF is going on with Spider-Man's continuity now, Marvel has released this double page spread from the first issue of Brand New Day (click for a jumbo readable version):

It really isn't a good sign when you have to give your readers a scorecard, is it?Hmmm. "Absolutely no one knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Not Daredevil, not the Avengers, not anyone."

Hmmm...I wonder how that works with Venom. And Norman Osborn doesn't know? How many stories--even 40+ year old stories--were premised on the original Green Goblin knowing Spidey's identity? Did they not happen, or are everyone's memories just altered?

I wonder if the Watcher still knows--just how powerful is Mephisto?

I'll bet you a billion dollars that Bendis blows this in New Avengers...

You know, some DC characters could use this kind of knowledge-erasing bomb to go off (I'm lookin' at you, Bruce Wayne). I wonder if Mephisto can work in the DC Universe? Hey, maybe the mysterious Earth-52 is the Marvel Universe!

See? Was that negative? I can be positive about this Spider-Man mess...grrrrrrrr.


Khairul H. said...

No one remembers who was under the mask??? I knew it! I knew they were gonna retcon that! And it only took Joey Q less than two years to retcon that. OMD would probably be retconned by 2010 at this rate.

Mark Engblom said...

What I find the most amusing about this whole mess is that I recall Joe Quesada sniffing at DC's Superboy "punching" various continuity changes into existance, implying that Marvel was above such metaphysical hijinks. With "One More Day", Joey Q. proved he's just another lazy couch potato clicking the remote "reset button".

snell said...

And of course, Quesada isn't the writer who'll have to deal with all the illogic, nonsense, and shattered continuity. Nope, he threw his temper tantrum, got things his way, and rides off into the sunset, leaving other writers to deal with the consequences.