Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Secret Two-Face Conspiracy!!

There's a conspiracy going on in the DC Universe, and it's been right in front of our faces--well, half of our faces---for 75 years.

 Let's travel back to the very first appearance of Two-Face, in Detective Comics #66 (1942):

Yes, initially he was named Harvey Kent, not Dent. Yes, I've already done a post making him Superman's secret half-brother. But that's not the conspiracy here.

No, we need to go to the trial of Boss Moroni, where Batman is testifying against the gang leader...

Look at that panel very carefully. We'll come back to it in a minute...

By the way, I'm pretty sure that throwing acid at the prosecutor will in no way help you beat the rap.

"Vitriol" is olde-tyme talk for sulfuric acid.

Then we get a scene completely and totally ripping Tim Burton's Batman...

Surely they can fix it?

The only doctor who can do it is in a German concentration camp?  Well, that happens.

Finally, the big reveal:


One more time:

Harvey is very clearly hit ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HIS FACE with the acid...


What. The. Hell.

Sure, it'd be easy (and no doubt correct) to write this off as a simple error, at a time when comics were rushed out as quickly as possible with little time for actual editing. And all later retellings have been careful to show the acid hitting his left side:

BUT THAT'S THE CONSPIRACY!!! It a monumental cover-up!!

So what could it really mean?

1) Maybe some of the acid actually splashed over to the other side of his face?

NO. The doctor in the courtroom is very clear. "It only struck one side of his face."

2) It's Earth-Two, so chill.

NO. Well, yes, the WWII reference and the "Harvey Kent" make it pretty clear this is Earth-2 (as was confirmed in a Mr. & Mrs. Superman story (!)).

But even so...the laws of physics aren't that different on Earth-2. If you're hit with acid on the right side of your face, you don't scar on the left side.

3) Harvey is an alien.

YES. Maybe he was a Skrull/Durlan type, and yes, he was hit in the right side of his face--which is why that side is now paralyzed, locked in faux human form. The left, "evil" side is actually his true alien visage. Doomed to never be able to fully revert to his true appearance, poor Harvey went mad, believing himself truly a human, and inventing ridiculous backstories of abuse to justify his fractured psyche.

So why was a shape-shifting alien posing as a Gotham City prosecutor back in the day? Why was Two-Face never in the Batman '66 show? Why show the correct and true acid splashing the first time, and then cover it up by "correcting" it each time they trot out Harvey's origin?

Because DC is covering up the massive 1940s alien invasion of Earth. And we'll never know the full story...because DC today is clearly run by aliens.

How else would you explain having Darkseid join the Justice League?


George Chambers said...

I am speechless.

Sina said...

Looks more to me like he's put his right hand up in order to cover the right side of his face from a full bottle of acid, thus leaving only his left side to be scarred.