Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Night Fights--Respect The Archer Style!!

As much as I loved the Fraction/Aja Hawkeye series, it has a lot to answer for.

Namely, it's caused everyone afterwards to portray Hawkeye as a schlub, as a down-on-his-luck-and-lucky-to-ever-actually-succeed hero wannabe.

C'mon, folks, you've got to have longer memories than that. Hawkeye was trained in combat by Captain America himself. Hawkeye founded and led the West Coast Avengers. Hawkeye led the Thunderbolts. When all of the other Avengers had been captured, Hawkeye--all on his own--defeated the Collector. When most of the East and West Coast Avengers were dead, Hawkeye--all by himself--defeated the Grandmaster.

Clint Barton is the bomb, but after Fraction/Aja, all anyone seems to do is show him getting his but kicked.

This week's Friday Night Fights will be a much needed restorative.

Hawkeye, kicked out of the Avengers by Henry Peter Gyrich, has just taken a job as head of security at Cross Technologies, who have been experiencing a string of mysterious break-ins...


Yeah, that's my Hawkeye.

Spacebooger still thinks the fight would have been better with Pizza Dog there.

Hawkeye takes down the Shi'ar's greatest warrior in Avengers #189 (1979), with a plot by Mark Gruenwald, Steven Grant & Roger Stern (with "creative kibitzing" by David Michelinie), script by Grant, pencils by John Byrne, and inks by Dan Green

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? You don't want me going on another Hawkeye rant, do you? Then go vote!!

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SF said...

I guess I don't know Deathbird's history. Her dialog reminded me so much of her appearance in X-men (#154ish) that I was convinced it me this was not just Byrne but Claremont too.