Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Yippee Ki-Gobble!!

Who is up today?
Oh, yes--Tom Mix!! King of the Cowboys!! Star of 291 movies, and gosh knows how many comic book stories! The star more responsible than any other for defining the genre!

And what fearsome foe does he face today?!?

Sigh...I suppose beggars can't be choosers after 500 or so stories, eh?

Anyway, let's talk turkey (sorry). Tom has come to town to help out his pal, a turkey rancher!

Yup, it's a hard life in the turkey business.

And it's still rip-snorting, rooting-tooting cowboy action, with death traps and everything!!

Damn, Tom, if I knew you were that limber, then... [Editor's note: snell has been sick. Please forgive him.]

Anyway, the rustlers strike, in a scene too intense for the big screen:

And the bad guys are willing to kill!!

Tom gets captured again...

...but it's a trap!!

I like the way it looks as if that turkey is head butting the bad guys!

And the turkeys continue to watch...

From Master Comics #109 (1949)

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Justin Isaac said...

Thank you for showing me this exists. I have a pay what you want western rpg ( that I've borrowed all of the art from old public domain western comics. I do believe that I see a special adventure I need to write for it inspired by this comic.