Monday, March 26, 2018

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Just Desserts!!

If you've read enough romance comics--and why haven't you?!?--than you know that they usually find a way to auger in a happy ending for each tale.

Mary dating both Pete and Frank? By the finale, she'll learn which one she really loves, and finds that he waited for her! Scary for a moment, but consequence-free!

Jane seduced by wealth and glamour? She'll learn the error of her ways, and hometown boyfriend will take her back! All's well that ends well!

But sometimes, once in awhile, the stories would break the pattern:

Poor Julie is...well, not poor, but certainly not rich. Her dad is a bank teller, and owns a horse, and OMG it's so boring.

And then there's Slim (no, not Slim Summers, even though he squints a lot), hot stablehand!

Ah, lust without love.

When she goes on vacation with Dad to Florida, though...

Can she be honest about her humble circumstances?!?


Damn, Julie, it's all "you, you, you!!"

But a summons from home cuts paradise short!

And life back home is hell!!

But Slim doesn't know he's out of the picture yet!

Well, Ronny's going to reveal that he's not a snob, and still loves Julie, right? Right...?

Well, that's all right. She'll realize the error of her ways, and still have Slim as her safety school, right? He'll take her back, right? Right?

WOW!! Rejected on all sides!!

That's why you have to read every comic you can--because you never know what's going to happen!!

From First Love 45 (1954)


Warren JB said...

"Rich guys will despise the ground you walk on, so settle for the handsy bum you can't stand."


(Belated welcome back, Snell.)

Anonymous said...

Who opens your mail behind your back, to boot!

You can do better than either of these losers, Julie!