Saturday, August 12, 2017

It Turns Out That Our TV Isn't The Worst!

What is TV like in the Popeye Universe?

Let's take a gander at what Poopdeck Pappy likes to watch!


Yes, that's Pappy's mother, and therefore Popeye's grandmother. one tell Fox or TLC or one of those other reality-show addicted networks about this show idea, OK...? We don't need to encourage the destructive people in the world...

From Popeye #61 (1961), as reprinted in Popeye Classics #61 (2017)


George Chambers said...

"I am jus' an amature trouble-maker."

I am soooo stealing that line. Maybe I'll have business cards made up with it!

Paul Smith said...

OK, my next band is going to be called Miss Butterfly Poopdeck.