Monday, August 7, 2017

Manic Hostess Monday--What's Really Happening To The Bees!!

You know who had the weirdest Hostess ads?

Captain Marvel had the weirdest damned Hostess ads:

"A family of outer space killer bees." Really.

So that's why the bees are dying off--Mar-Vell filled them with snack cakes, so they all died of malnutrition!!

You know, keeping the royal family here on Earth strikes me as a really poor idea. What if they breed? What if Swarm gets a hold of them??

Anyway, Marvel's other Hostess foes included...

...a "giant flea-market-eating flea."


...a huge disembodied mouth.


Then again, you wanted Mar-Vell to thwart Thanos with cupcakes?

Also, Captain Marvel also has the unique distinction of being the only hero to face the villain who would eventually kill in "real life" in a Hostess ad:

I think Nitro wins in the long run, Mar-Vell...

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