Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Who Is The Better Kisser--Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent?!?

Hey, friends are throwing an anniversary party for Earth-2 Lois and Clark!

Ummm...wait a minute. How can Clark Kent and Superman both be there?

Oh, yeah, Bruce Wayne is probably posing as one of them.

BUT WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE!! Batman's there too?!?!

Remember, this is Earth-2, where Kal-L was never able to successfully create Superman robots for such occasions!

Well, there's one sure way to tell who is who!

OK, Lois, you're getting a little to into that...Lois? Lois!?!?!?!

"Make-up"?!?! He was wearing a full face mask!! You couldn't tell you were kissing a guy wearing a rubber mask??

But who is Batman, then?!?!

Dick is probably thinking "No kiss for me, Lois?"

So, anyway, despite their reputations, Clark Kent is a better kiss than Bruce Wayne. Which explains why Bruce can never keep a steady girlfriend...

From Superman Family #216 (1982)


George Chambers said...

Is that the Penguin standing next to Jimmy Olsen in the group scene? Was he reformed in Earth-2?

snell said...

Nope, that's J. Wilbur Wolfingham, reformed con man. He never reformed on Earth-1.