Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Your Tax Dollars At Work--Komrad Ivan!!

It's the late 70s, you're a newly enlisted G.I.,and you have absolutely no idea what your enemy is like.

Don't worry, your government is here to help you out:

And it turns out, Warsaw Pact soldiers are pretty hoopy froods:

Ivan Ivanovich goes on to give us details on uniforms...

...and guns...

...did I mention guns?

Not to mention a really detailed look at tanks!

There are pages and pages of this...I've seen advanced dungeon master manuals less detailed than this!!

But Ivan always takes time to slow things up and talk to the men...

I do find it ever so cute that the U.S. Army apparently felt that they had to censor the word "Hell" as being too much for sensitive G.I. ears...

And then Ivan crosses straight over to full-out treason...dude, why are you giving this info to the enemy?!?!?

Ah, but he's a swell guy! He'll be fine!

Be safe, Ivan!!

Komrad Ivan is from 1979

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