Thursday, September 22, 2016

This Is Your Brain On Crusher Creel--Any Questions?

This is either the worst use ever of the Absorbing Man, or the best ever use of the Absorbing Man. Probably both simultaneously.

Crusher Creel has just broken out of prison, where he had become addicted to drugs (in part because the prison officials there were using drugs to keep the super-powered inmates under control).

Anyway, Creel makes his way to New York, where he becomes an enforcer for the Owl. Unfortunately, along with his usual lack of intelligence, Creel's jonesing for drugs is making him far more of a liability than an advantage.

So the Owl has a him in drugs!! Why...?

All right...someone had been watching Scarface, right?

This is going to lead to a really big EEEEEWWWW later, isn't it?

OK, so what does snorting Crusher Creel get you?

Yeah, so it turns out that ingesting Absorbing Man kinda sorta gives you his powers, for an hour or so. Which leaves poor Spider-Man to try and clean up the mess...

 Gee, Spidey, you didn't react that way when Harry Osborn was tripping out!

Of course, the drug is a hit!!

But what about poor Crusher Creel, you ask?

Yes, the Absorbing Man reforms from the tears of junkies. Because EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW...

From Marvel Knights Spider-Man #15-16 (2005)


SallyP said...

What the heck? Methinks the writer was doing a little experimenting as well!

Sina said...

What the imbecilic juvenile shit is this? Wouldn't he turn into a solid compound of the cocaine molecule, instead of a "powder" (which is almost certainly man-made for convenience...think clear hard sugar crystal rock candy vs. granulated table sugar)? And, again, just touching the Absorbing Man wouldn't give you his powers anymore than him punching you with his fist & making contact that way would do..."snorting" wouldn't transfer his powers in any way 😑 this is just lazy, stupid "little big boy" writing about retarded trying-to/wanna-be "grown up adult" edgy shit & you're right...Spidey would never say this is a job for someone else 😠

I hate what I've seen of this story.

Dan said...

Agree with Sina, love that he just refines the chemical automatically. This is a terrible comic.

Am I old? Oh god, am I?

Simon Dyer said...

That'd be Reginald Hudlin's work. His Marvel stuff is full of weird ideas and off putting character moments like this.