Monday, September 26, 2016

Manic Monday Bonus--Why Comic Book Terrorists Hate Comic Book Americans!

It turns out that we have no idea how the 1% lives, at least in the DC Universe.

Katma Tui was injured by some cosmic space thingie, and is recovering at Carol Ferris' mansion while being tended to by Green Arrow and Black Canary.

A doctor is finally summoned, and after the decision is made to take her to the hospital...

Bad move, archer!!!


"Those rich Americans are always being carried!"

Man, I guess the income gap is even worse than I imagined, because somehow I had no idea about this phenomenon!!

Then again, judging by their behavior, these aren't the brightest terrorists:

Well, that's really all I had. Let's just watch Ollie and Dinah kick some terrorist ass:

So, rich Americans--avoid having anyone carry you, because that will just make you a target for terrorists. That means you should go easy on the litters and such, as well...

[Note to Sally--Hal was on Oa, being Hal, when this was happening...]

From Green Lantern #97 (1977)

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SallyP said...

Hal being Hal, was why Katma was smart enough to run off with John Stewart.

But boy, those are some pretty pathetic terrorists!