Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Comic Book Way To Beat The Heat--Super-Science Submarines!!

Enough about global warming! Let's talk about:

Voyage To The Deep was a comic published by Dell in the early 60s. And although it was an "original" series, it was very, very clearly cribbed from the 1961 movie Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea: Maverick admiral commands experimental super-science submarine, combating natural disasters and mysterious enemies that threaten the whole Earth.

In the 4 issues of this comic, an unnamed, never seen "enemy" was manipulating Earth's environment for unknown reasons (except to kill everyone, I guess). They found ways to cause massive flooding, to spark a massive increase in undersea volcanoes, to generate massive waves of anti-matter...and in this issue, to cause a new ice age:

That's a lot of snow...

100 feet per hour?!?

And every issue, no matter the mission, the crew of the Proteus managed to waste time fighting some giant sea creature:

Oh, don't fret---they got away. But meanwhile: SNOW!!

So how did "the enemy" cause this?


Our heroes managed to defeat the enemy's machinations--without ever encountering them--by using their sub to create rubble that blocked "the rift"--and by gum, it immediately worked!!

So, that's my idea to combat global warming--destroy the "natural barrier" under the "Norwegian Ocean" and baby, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

From Voyage To The Deep #2 (1963)


Warren JB said...

First thing that jumps out at me is the 'Jurassic Park' font at the top. Is that from the original printing? I wonder how far back it goes.

"The snow that is falling now in ever increasing rates, is covering the North American continent from Florida to California to Maine and Oregon."

That seems an oddly contracted definition of the boundaries of the North American continent... I wonder if it refers to something more specific? Oh well, the rest of us aren't too badly off if that's the only area covered in freak snow. I don't know why everyone's kicking up such a fuss about this so-called 'Enemy'...

snell said...

Yup, original printing.