Monday, September 5, 2016

Manic Labor Day--The Lowest Form Of Thief!?!

The worst crime in the 1950s?

OK, that is pretty scummy...

Wait--forging checks is a federal crime?

Well, if they're breaking into mailboxes, I guess so. And doubly so if those are government checks they're stealing!

Disquieting bit: the Secret Service has "enormous master files of handwriting in Washington"?!?!? Really? Do they still? Just crooks' handwriting--or everybody?!?! When you cash those government checks, do they actually keep the canceled checks with our signatures on them for future comparisons?

Seriously--I'll agree they're scumbags, stealing Social Security checks and all. But "the lowest form of thief"?!?! I can think of a few even lower...

From Lawbreakers #8 (1952)

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