Saturday, July 30, 2011


Some things never change, even in the schools of the future:

Yup, kids always look to take advantage of substitute teachers.

Except...this is Mega-City One.

And why is Dredd filling in as a teacher? Why, it's the law, of course:

And Dredd does an excellent job of teaching the juves about the law:

So even the class trouble-maker falls into line:

(Am I allowed to point out that these days, many an artist would have headed straight to the photocopier for that sequence?)

Other students do less well under Dredd's tutelage:


So, kiddies, next time you have a sub, you'd best behave.

It should also be noted that, by the end of the story, several of the student's parents end up in jail. Oh, Dredd...

Twenty years ago this week, Garth Ennis and "Colbey/Hart" didn't need no education in 2000 AD #742 (1991)

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