Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bold Fashion Choices--STARFIRE!!!

Yesterday we witnessed Supergirl fighting a gorilla, and I briefly touched upon the villain of the piece--STARFIRE--who restored my faith in comic books?

Who is Starfire? Long forgotten, she was incredibly evil, while incredibly fashionable. She would have been a perfect Austin Powers villain, the crazy woman who changed outfits EVERY SINGLE SCENE!!

Yes, this is all in one issue...this woman changes outfits more often than Cher...and they keep getting modder and more villainous!

How awesome is Starfire?? She has gun-toting super-models as henchmen!

And her plan, well, is kinda straight outta Zoolander by way of Dr. Evil:

(No, I don't know the correct order to read all those word balloons in, either...just think of it as a make your own adventure book!)

And how will Starfire accomplish this plan? BIO-WARFARE!!

And you know what? The damned plan works!

Oh, Starfire, you clothing horse, you stealer of bold fashion designs, you eye-patch-wearing commander of an evil army of models...why haven't we seen you post-Crisis? Why??

We conclude with the greatest caption in the history of comic books:

My God--someone at DC resurrect Starfire--NOW!!!

From Adventure Comics #405 (1971)

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Lazarus Lupin said...

gotta agree with her, bring her back. Hell bring her back in her own mini series. And since we are in a post feminist project runway world let's bring back that old bit where readers can design some of her outfits.

Lazarus Lupin
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