Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spoiler Saturday--Soviet Spider-Slayer Slaughter!

You all may remember when J. Jonah Jameson would use a "Spider-Slayer" robot to try and take down Spider-Man, right?

Well, what you probably didn't realize was where he got the inspiration:

Why, sure, that may be the disembodied, computerized mind of former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt inside a Soviet robot body, but make no mistake:

He is a slayer, all right!

And unlike Jonah, there's an army of hammer-and-sickle-wielding FDR death-bots:

I said an army!!

And yes, that is Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman gunning down a horde of FDR-controlled robots. Except, of course, that's not Albert Einstein, that's an evil Albert Einstein from an alternate universe.

So, yes, you should be reading The Manhattan Projects.

JJJ from Amazing Spider-Man #167 (1977). Amazing presidential destruction from this week's The Manhattan Projects #8

Hat tip to notintheface for inspiring this post.

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