Monday, October 27, 2008

Manic Monday--More Jobs Lost To Technology

As we continue onwards into this technological age, America has to come to grips with the need to properly train our workers so they can be gainfully employed in an era of the internet, flying cars, and moon colonies.

This is hardly a new problem, though, as we take a look at job concerns circa 1964:

That's right, despite what you here about American students falling behind in math today, the situation didn't seem to be much better in 1964, as the average student was so clueless we had to rely on comic book ads to give the populace any mathematical proficiency.

Disclaimer...not actually as easy as 1+1=2Yes, in you can solve this "tough" equation, you can get a high paying job in "this atomic age"--working alongside Einstein no doubt.

Yes, your friends will certainly be surprisedYes, because society gives so much prestige to math whizzes...

The most boring party EVER"Social" arithmetic problems? Because apparently, doing blindfolded math problems was the Pictionary of the early mid 60's.

Timed mathematics will be the next Olympic eventMy gosh, those our dust, Mark Phelps!!

Of course, it's too bad for everybody who sent in their $2.98...within a decade, all of that "E-Z Math" skill that produced prestige and self-confidence and and higher pay and better jobs would be rendered obsolete by the calculator.

The desperate plea for improving America's work force appeared in Avengers #4 (1964).

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