Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's A Mod, Mod, Mod Mod World

A brief history of Dell's Mod Squad comic book:

Man, that is mod!!

Yo, that is extra mod!!

OK, that's...sufficiently mod.

Well, that's not particularly mod, is it?

That's really not mod at all, is it?

Come on, now--there's nothing remotely mod about this!!

Hey, this is just a reprint of the cover of #1!! (The innards are a reprint, too).

Damn, just another reprint!! There's nothing mod about a reprint!!

That's a pretty pathetic mod performance for a comic known as Mod Squad. Hell, none of those covers are anywhere as mod as this:

Aaaahhhhh, now that's mod, baby!!


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

What??? The fifth cover down is hands-down the most "Mod"! The homely white guy is even wearing an ascot! If that ain't "Mod", then nuttin' is, bruddah!

snell said...

One dude with an ascot does not a mod make, sir. And three people staring blankly whilst standing next to a road construction sign? Definitely not mod.

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I'd expect a response like that from, say, Tige Andrews, but not from you, Snell. Not from you.


snell said...

Considering Tige Andrews has been dead for nearly 4 years, I wouldn't expect ANY response from him...unless he were a zombie. Hmmm, a zombie Mod Squad...

Sina said...

Ummmm...do any of you know what the word "mod" means?

It comes from "model" or "modern" (with the most referenced etymology being "modern jazz"), and is almost always associated with "high-class/fashionable", "pretty", "delicate", "vogue", "nancy", even "prissy"...like as in "Rod 'The Mod' Stewart".

It *doesn't* mean "psychedelic" or "far-out" or "trippy" or "cool man, grooooovy colours", and it definitely *ISN'T* a short-hand reference for the sixties' drug sub-culture...almost the exact opposite, in fact.

In that respect, these covers are indeed among the *MOST* "mod" images on comics that you've ever seen.

Sheesh, people keep taking the easy way out and prejudiciously lumping vast swaths of histories and cultures together into one homogenous and interchangeable conglomerate...great danger there is, in that.