Thursday, May 2, 2013

What, You Were Expecting Lawyers, Guns And Money?

From this week's Winter Soldier #18, the odd form of discipline at a Russian school for assassins:

See, that's why the Russkies lost the Cold War--Wham! wasn't torture, it was pure joy!! And no, your mileage may not vary on this issue.

Later on, as a character recounts her life story, including the story of a mentor who betrayed her:

Yes, Jason Latour named a character Van Owen entirely so he could straight up drop a Warren Zevon reference. That's hardcore, bro.

These little tidbits are my way of noting that I think Latour and Nic Klein's stellar work on the book is, perhaps, getting a little lost in the "oh, Brubaker left, so I dropped it" or "Oh, everyone says the book will be cancelled" miasma. Well, I'm here to say get this book anyway, because these guys are taking the ball to the hoop every issue.

Oh, and speaking of the Zevon song...

It's interesting that CBS can play a song with the phrase "son of a bitch" without bleeping, but a T+ comic book featuring children killing each other, blood, impalement, and gosh knows what else has to "bleep" the phrase. Discuss.

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