Monday, April 27, 2009

Manic Monday--WWS-MD?

Last week in New Avengers #52, Spider-Man threw a royal holier-than-thou snit fit because the renegade Avengers are using a...ahem..."borrowed" Quinjet.

So, this is obviously a hugely important bit of character development, right? Bendis spent over 2 pages having Spidey protest the Avengers using a stolen Quinjet.

There we have have it, then. We clearly know What Would Spider-Man Do in such a circumstance.

Hey, what's this sitting here? Why, it's Secret Invasion #1, from a year ago!!

Hmmm, that sure looks like Spider-Man actively participating in a physical assault on Black Widow... in order to steal a Quinjet. And not a syllable of whinging about how this is wrong, or how "stealing is stealing," or worry about it coming back to bite them in the ass.

And look, it was also written by Bendis.

Gee, maybe that pre-Secret Invasion Spider-Man really was a Skrull.

Or maybe, just maybe, when it comes to the Avengers, Bendis is a hack who never let's the characterizations he himself has established get in the way of whatever "clever" bit of dialogue he wants to do in the current issue.


Stacy said...

Brian Michael Bendis means never having to be accountable for anything contradictory in your writing ever. It must be ever so nice.

Siskoid said...

Caught by Snell with his pants down... AGAIN!

(Bendis with his pants down, not Snell. Well, I don't know about Snell's pant status. It really doesn't matter.)

chiasaur11 said...

Frankly, I'd file Snell's pants status under "Things I do not want to know" and leave it at that.

K and S said...

This is a great post! I read that issue trying to figure out if I missed some part of the story or if Spider-Man was supposed to be funny with all his objections to the stolen Quinjet. I had totally forgotten he helped steal it himself! Thanks for clearing this up for me.

snell said...

Well, it wasn't the exact same Quinjet (the one they stole in Secret Invasion was almost immediately destroyed by a dinosaur!!)...this was one Ms. Marvel kept for herself when she quit the Mighty Avengers. But yeah, in principle there's no consistent way for Spidey to be objecting here...