Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Grrr, I'm so modern and angstyYou know, in some very important ways, I really can't seem to make up my mind about Legion of 3 Worlds #1. Maybe you, my loyal readers, can help me out here.

Decision #1: Should I be happy that Geoff Johns has managed to go a whole issue without using any fake futuristic swear words?

Or should I be amused and depressed that he replaced it with fake 21st century swear babble?

Garth speaks like Sarge from Beetle Bailey??Yeah, that's how you prove your street cred--replace "grife" with "$#&@&%??" Pretend we're talking tougher, but don't have the balls to really do it?

By the way, what's the over/under on how long until we get our first #$%^ from Barry Allen?

Decision #2: Should I be elated that the red hot team of Johns and George Perez is (hopefully) turning on lots of new fans to the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Or should I be concerned that Johns' hamfisted, one-note characterizations will make all those new readers go, "what's the big deal?" Example, Saturn Girl.

Which explains why Takron-Galtos is so fullOK, that's nice to know about her...

It's not repetition, it's emphasisWell, that was nice again, but you already told us that a few pages ago...

Because we were too stupid to get the same idea, phrased exactly the same way, the first two timesOK, now we're just getting silly. Repetitive much? What's the over/under on the number of times we get that little meme repeated again and again the rest of the series? (And don't get me started on the number of panels dedicated to proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that Garth is a hothead...we get it already, Geoff...)

Decision #3: Is it cool that all the villains of the 31st century have secretly worshipped Superboy-Prime for all these years?

'Never spoken' because you just made it up...
He;s your guide? So you kept whining about how unfair life was while others manipulated you?Or should I be going "Hey, wait a minute--Superboy-Prime was never anything more than a lackey for other villains. He was the brainless muscle, the water carrier for Alex Luthor and Sinestro. The Legion of Super-Villains might as well be worshipping Chemo!"

You see the kind of decisions I have?

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Captain Infinity said...

I've always thought that Barry Allen was so square that when he tries to swear it actually comes out as #$%@.