Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why This Week's Comics Rocked--Part 1

My local comics shoppe pulled Mars Attacks Popeye for me, because they know I follow the Popeye titles (that is merely 1 reason my local comics shoppe rules).

Well, I'm not that much into Mars Attacks (nothing personal, folks--just not my cuppa),and it wasn't by Landridge or a reprint of the Sagendorf run, so I was going to pass.

Boy, am I glad I changed my mind, because...

...where else was I gonna find Popeye, in his skivvies, with an army of goons fighting off an attack of Martians??

Really fun story, great fights--I will say that it was about 95% a Popeye story and 5% Mars Attacks...but that suits me just fine. YMMV.

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