Sunday, January 6, 2013

Separated At Birth?

Consider, if you will:

Valcan, a.k.a. Claw The Unconquered, wandered around slaying monsters while wearing a mystical red glove on his right hand.


Hellboy goes around killing monsters while having what appears to be a very big red gauntlet in place of his right hand (here's another shot to make the ladies go "awwww"):

Of course, their funky hands are very different. Claw's is a metal glove made of the mystical metal Oraculum, which helps him control this:

One of his ancestors, you see, accidentally summoned a demon, and as a result the line was cursed with evil hands, yada yada.

Hellboy's situation is a little different. It's not a gauntlet or glove or armor..., it's the "Right Hand Of Doom," which used to be the actual right hand of one of "greater spirits." Hellboy's own right hand was severed immediately after birth, and replaced with the Right Hand Of Doom, which will someday trigger an apocalypse. Bummer.

So...why the hell hasn't there been a crossover? I mean, come on, guys!! DC let Claw cross over with Red Sonja, and Hellboy's teamed up with just about everybody cool over the how's about a team-up between these guys?

Hell, I'll even start the plot for you...due to a fluke in the space-time continuum, or a spell gone awry, or demonic meddling, Claw and Hellboy end up with their right hands switched...

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