Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love Among The Ants, or How I Killed Your Father

Like a good many people in the world, we've been taught to fear the march of the soldier ant.

But they never taught you the REAL reason, did they?

Oh, if only eating you alive is all that they did...

Bitten? Why then, you're doomed, doomed I tell you!!


Who? What?


And later, after our intrepid scientists return home to New York City...


O. M. G.

Which leads to a good old-fashioned killing spree!

Afterwards, Professor Thorne seems rather non-plussed by his whole transformation and mass murder:

And, given that a man-sized ant is going around slaughtering citizens, this newspaper front page seems rather tame:

Talk about burying the lede!!

Now Chick, the other scientist, escaped the transformation because he fell and hit his head, and received a life-saving total blood transfusion!! Because blood or something!!

So he was free to stop Thorne's rampage. How? Well, when Ant-Maniac (see what I did there?) tries to kill Chick, and his daughter Pat...


Damn, those are some feisty iguanas, is all I'm saying.

No you might think that, just having fed her father to iguanas, Chick might want to back off on the "put your arm around her while explaining the faux-science of how you killed her father."

But damned if it doesn't work, because in the very next panel:

 Ain't love grand??

The cover to this opus:

From Forbidden Worlds #21 (1953)


SallyP said...

Feisty iguanas indeed. And, now very well FED iguanas!

Unknown said...

I can honestly say, I have never been more surprised by the twist of events in a comic. Mind-boggingly good.